A Fresh Take on Indian Flavor
A Fresh Take on Indian Flavor

Vegetarian Dishes

Aloo Jeera - $9.95 (GF, V NF)
Diced potatoes, tempered with whole cumin and spices.


Aloo Gobi - $9.95 (GF, V NF)
Cauliflower and potatoes cooked in a blend of onions, ginger and spices.


Aloo Matar - $9.95 (GF, V NF)
Green peas and diced potatoes cooked in a mild gravy.


Aloo Palak - $9.95 (GF, V NF)
Diced potatoes, smothered in a freshly ground spinach with herbs and spices.


Bhindi Masala - $10.95 (GF, V NF)
Whole okra cooked in mild herbs and spices.


Malai Kofta - $11.95 (GF)
Cashew and paneer rolled into balls and simmered in a mildly spicy sauce.


Baingan Bharta - $10.95 (GF, V NF)
Eggplant roasted in clay oven and then mashed and blended with fresh tomatoes and onions followed by a simmering with spices and herbs.

Matar Paneer - $11.95 (GF, NF)
Homemade cheese cubes cooked in a mildly spiced sauce with green peas.

Matar Methi Palak - $11.95 (GF, V, NF)
A combination of spinach, fenugreek leaves and green peas cooked with herbs and spices.


Palak Paneer - $11.95 (GF, NF)
Homemade Indian cheese cooked with spinach, mild spices and herbs.


Paneer Kadai - $11.95 (GF, NF)
Cubes of Paneer (homemade Indian Cheese) cooked with onions, tomatoes, peppers, ginger and garlic and spices.


Paneer Makhani - $11.95 (GF)
Cubes of Paneer (homemade Indian Cheese) cooked in a creamy tomato sauce and lightly spiced.


Paneer Achar - $11.95 (GF, NF)
Cubes of Paneer (homemade Indian Cheese) marinated in yogurt and pickled spices.


Paneer Lacha - $11.95 (GF, NF)
Crumbled paneer (homemade Indian Cheese) cooked with ginger, garlic, onions and tomatoes garnished with cilantro.


Vegetable Jalfrezi - $10.95 (GF, V, NF)
Mixed vegetables cooked in fresh ginger and garlic then cooked with herbs and spices.

Navratan Korma - $10.95 (GF)
Mixed fresh vegetables with raisins and nuts simmered in a cream sauce laced with spices.


Vegetable Tikka Masala - $11.95 (GF)
Vegetables simmered gently to perfection in a rich buttery gravy.


Paneer Tikka Masala - $11.95 (GF)
Paneer (homemade Indian Cheese) cubes simmered gently to perfection in a rich buttery gravy.


Matar Mushroom - $10.95 (GF, V, NF)
Green peas with chopped mushrooms cooked in curry sauce.


Chana Masala - $9.95 (GF, V, NF)
Traditional Punjabi recipe of chick peas simmered in a special blend of herbs and spices.


Chole Bhatura - $12.95 (V, NF)
A combination of chick peas, onions and tomatoes in a sauce with spices served with Bhatura (chef's special flaky bread)


Chana Saag - $9.95 (GF, V, NF)
Chick peas cooked with chopped fresh spinach mildly spiced.


Gobi Matar Masala - $10.95 (GF, V, NF)
Florets of cauliflower and green peas cooked in a curry sauce.

Diwani Handi - $11.95 (GF, V, NF)
Medley of fresh vegetables cooked with chef's special sauces.


Daal Tadka - $9.95 (GF, V, NF)
Yellow lentil cooked with onions, tomatoes, ginger and then mildly spiced.


Daal Makhani - $9.95 (GF, NF)
Black lentils simmered in butter with onions, garlic, ginger and tomatoes.



Achar(Pickle) - $1.50
Masala Papad - $2.95 (GF, V)
Raita - $1.95
Mango Chutney - $1.50 (GF, V)

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