A Fresh Take on Indian Flavor
A Fresh Take on Indian Flavor

lamb Specialties

Lamb Curry - $13.95 (GF, DF, NF)
Cubes of lamb cooked in a tomato and onion sauce with herbs and spices in a traditional Indian curry sauce.


Lamb Makhani - $13.95 (GF)
Pieces of lamb cooked in a rich tomato sauce flavored with herbs, spices and butter.


Lamb Kadai - $13.95 (GF, DF, NF)
Cubes of lamb tossed with herbs, spices, bell peppers and onions then cooked with whole Indian spices.


Lamb Rogan Josh - $13.95 (GF, DF, NF)
Chunks of tender lamb cooked with spices and then sautéed with chopped tomatoes and gently braised in curry sauce.


Lamb Vindaloo - $13.95 (GF, DF, NF)
A Goan Specialty. Minced lamb pieces in vinegar cooked in a hot spicy sauce with potatoes.


Lamb Saagwala - $13.95 (GF, NF)
Cubes of lamb cooked with chopped spinach, onions, tomatoes with herbs and spices.


Kashmiri Lamb - $13.95 (GF)
Cubes of lamb cooked in rich creamy sauce with herbs and spices.


Goat Curry - $14.95 (GF, DF, NF)
Pieces of goat with bone cooked in a traditional Indian curry sauce.


Goat Kadai - $14.95 (GF, DF, NF)
Pieces of goat with bone cooked with herbs, spices and bell peppers in base of tomato and onion sauce.

Goat Achari - $14.95 (GF, DF, NF)
Tender cubes of goat cooked in spices with Indian pickle.


Dhaba Goat - $15.95 (GF, DF)
Goat cooked with chopped boiled egg, potato in a fragrant rich almond cream sauce and spices.


Achar(Pickle) - $1.50
Masala Papad - $2.95 (GF, V)
Raita - $1.95
Mango Chutney - $1.50 (GF, V)

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